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The buying process is pretty easy and not complicated at all. Buyer finds a property they like, an agreement is reached with the seller, and the closing process begins. The only reason a buyer needs to be in town is to view properties, everything else can be handled by emails and faxes.

It usually takes just a couple of outings for a buyer to make a decision. I have had buyers, that made a decision after seeing just a couple of properties. I have had buyers, that could not agree and made no decision. I have had buyers that have bought sight unseen and are very pleased. Everyone is different

Buyers with a higher price range will have a greater selection of possibilities. A buyer for example looking for a condo with a price range up to $500,000 might end up with something for $300,000. But a buyer with a price range of $150,000 will have a small universe of possibilities.

The most important part of finding a home in Naples, is to work with a knowledgeable Naples real estate agent. The search, buying and transaction process will go much smoother and the Naples FL home buyer will end with the best results.

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